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2008-11-26 09:42 pm

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Well, the Fuzz has been having a grand old time tonight. I was charged with making the pumpkin pies and pumpkin rolls to bring to Thanksgiving dinner(s) tomorrow. Not exactly my favorites, but since my mom had to say something to my grandma and grandma latched onto it...

Anyhow, everything has turned out, but my floor. Powdered sugar, flour, and pumpkin everywhere. Thankfully I have my little floor cleaner. My now hyper little floor cleaner. Oi.
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2007-09-21 06:29 pm

Well, 2 out of 3 ain't bad?

Managed to sleep in a bit, and then take the Cherokee in for 2 new tires and a rotation. Also managed to trim the 5 getting so overgrown it wasn't even funny bushes out in the front of the house. However, did not manage to get around to putting up the shed we bought last week. Hubby and I both took one look at the instructions and knew it was going to take much longer than the hours of daylight we had left in the day and made a command decision to forget about it for today and to call in help. Help aka my dad, handyman extraordinare. I think after he gives us some pointers (and about 3 more extension cords for the power drill) we'll be good to go on Sunday when we get back from celebrating our anniversary. Bless him, he did offer to come over tomorrow afternoon after he got off work to help, but there is no way in heck I'm spending my wedding anniversary putting up a shed. Especially after we've made reservations to get away for the night. :P
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2007-07-04 08:55 am


Well, the weather started changing last night, so naturally my head started acting up and guess who woke up with hangover head this morning, yet she hadn't drank a single drop? Yeah. I really hate my sinuses some days.

However, even my sinuses can't spoil my glee at seeing all the Matt Lewis/Neville love on my flist this morning.

Yes, that really IS Matt/Neville. (Go to and plug in Matthew Lewis. And no, I don't think he's the Matt Lewis who took the cricket match pics below the OoTP shots, however, the fact that it's Lancashire is amusing me to no end, as that is where the Longbottoms are from. Hee.) Yes, they really do fug him up that badly for the movies. Pray for a better hair cut in HBP.

*happy sigh* There really is nothing like a little vindication for my boy first thing in the morning.
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2007-06-28 12:47 pm

ATTN: Neville/HP fangirls

If you haven’t seen it already (and even if you have) run, don’t walk to [ profile] rainpuddle13’s journal and take a gander at the embedded file HERE


Why, why, whhhhhhhhhy has this movie not come out last week already?!
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2007-06-27 09:22 pm
Entry tags:

Fic: Neville/Luna, G

Title: Rise and Shine
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Neville Longbottom/Luna Lovegood
Prompt: #031 Sunrise
Word Count: 148
Rating: G
Summary: A brief glimpse at the Longbottoms on their honeymoon.
Author's Notes: Many thanks to [ profile] shoemaster for the poke. <333 Written oh so long ago for my [ profile] fanfic100 challenge.

Disclaimer: All Harry Potter characters herein are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No copyright infringement is intended.

Ignoring the rather insistent finger poking him in the side, Neville buried his face deeper into the pillow )
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2007-05-17 10:21 pm



ETA: Potential spoilers in the comments.
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2007-05-06 08:44 am

Weekend observations

1) I make a very potent margarita.

2) Although I make a very potent margarita that leads to conversations/observations like these Ramblings of a drunken nature ) they do not, apparently, lead to hangovers. This is the...third? time we've binged on 'ritas, and still no hangover yet.

3) Superhero movies are much more fun to watch when you have a w00bie squeezing your hand the entire time. (Oh Peter! Oh Harry! Yes, yes, I know Ally - Peter's the straightest guy alive, it would never work, but - Oh Peter! Oh Harry! <333)

4) The endings of superhero movies can be gotten through much better when you've got a w00bie on one side and a hubby on the other to clutch at. Kick ass action for the win!

5) After today, I'm not going to see my w00blet again for another 9 months. :( I could have a baby in that time! (Though I have been expressly forbidden not to as a certain somebody wants to be around "to see her w00bie with a w00bie".) This thought makes me sad, so I'm trying not to dwell on it too much.

6) For being so bright and sunny outside, it's ridiculously cold here in the house. Bah change of seasons furnace adaptation.
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2007-04-21 10:58 am

Oh, I don't think I should have done that

In the midst of my dusting frenzy, I decided to stop and re-read a Longbottom fic. A Longbottom torture fic.

My heart hurts now.
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2007-04-14 03:24 pm

Maybe I am hiding in my own confusion...Maybe I don't want to see it the way it really is

Hubby's home instead of at clinical because he's feeling under the weather. I'm not feeling so hot myself. Odds are good we're going to wind up driving each other nuts.

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2007-04-14 08:11 am

Where has the time gone...?

*cough* I can scarcely believe it's been 4 years (okay, 4 years this July :P) since a certain ice cream social and one little 19 comment subthread that by it's end, had me thoroughly convinced that someone truly was Luna incarnate. *laugh* That conviction really has not changed to this day. To the one who kept me up to nearly 5 a.m. that night when I had to go to work the next day and who thinks nothing of 20 - 40 minute lapses in our IM convos...


*laughs* We're finally in the same decade now!

*loves, snugs and adores*
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2007-04-11 07:40 am


Creeped myself out a bit last night. Actually quite a bit more than a bit. *shivers just thinking about it again* So we're all in bed, tucked in for the night when I get the distinct feeling somebody or something's in the room with us, so I crack open my eyes to see this heavy black...thing in the doorway, blocking the faint moonlight that usually filters in. Immediately my heart starts pounding and I squeeze my eyes shut and start taking deep breaths while telling myself it's nothing, it's just my eyes adjusting to the dark, and I'm just being silly. This works for a bit until the Fuzz, who's at the foot of the bed, starts growling. And keeps growling. And the thing's still there and that's what she's growling at. Which causes my heart to go triple time, especially since the hubby was completely out right next to me while I'm in a state of fear-frozen panic thinking things like "Some protector he is!" and "That's it, I'm moving the big stick right next to the bed from now on!" and "OMG, Voldemort's come to kill us and he's just going to sleep right through it all!". *facepalm* Yes, I really did think that. Oh HP, look what you've done to me.

Somehow or another I do finally manage to drift off until at around 3:00 in the morning, I could have sworn I heard the Fuzz scratching away at the table leg in the kitchen, so I roll over and mumble to Eric about when did we stick her in there and he mumbles something unintelligible back. Not long after I get out of bed to go pee and in doing so nearly knock the Fuzz off the bed YET THE SCRATCHING WAS STILL GOING ON! *quietly freaks out* Needless to say, I didn't really get back to sleep after that, though I do recall having some really odd dreams all night, with characters and actors in places and circumstances they really shouldn't have been. Oi. I don't know if I should hope it was all just my overactive imagination or not.
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2007-04-10 08:18 pm

*cranks it up*

Oh yeah, definitely going to have to get the new Maroon 5 cd when it comes out.

*cranks the volume up even more and continues to dance around*
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2007-04-07 03:02 pm

So let go, so let go, mmm jump in...It's alright 'cause there's beauty in the breakdown

Off to spend the rest of the afternoon and evening with the godbabies shortly. *starts to feel slightly bouncy*

[ profile] childofautumn, a big thank you for putting up with me and my woeful ways. I promise to try to be my annoyingly perky, non-whinging self again some day. *hugs* Hopefully some day soon.
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2007-04-01 01:38 pm

*happy sigh*

Gorgeous, sun-soaked morning spent outside in shorts and a t-shirt getting in touch with my inner Neville. I started out with flip-flops, but of course, they never stay on for long. I am such a nature child at heart. *g* Besides, my front yard has suddenly erupted in a sea of violets and seas of violets are just not meant to be trampled on by flip-flips, even if they are my green stripey Herbology nerd ones.

Once the yardwork was done, the flip-flops grudingly went back on so I could take the Fuzz for a walk. She was utterly adorable, bounding all over the place and giving me these incredulous looks like she just couldn't believe that Mommy was doing this with her. Of course, she gave me the same incredulous looks when I hooked her up to her chain so she could be outside with me while I worked, so...*laugh*

And then it was back to the house where a brief wrestling match with a towel ensued in order to get the mud and puddle splashes off of her fur, followed by a doze in front of the tv, while the Travel Channel was showcasing a sleeper train trip around to about 5 national parks. *longs to take such a trip some day*

*eyes the brilliant robin's egg blue sky out the window* If the children next door ever stop imitating banshees, I might just drag one of our lounge chairs out to our backyard and curl up with my book. It's just that kind of day.
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2007-03-23 07:17 am

My husband, he's a charmer *snort*

Actual conversation from last night...

Hubby: *clearly weirded out by me hanging out by him while he finished up some homework* You should get to bed, it's late.
Me: I know, but I'm not tired.
Hubby: You're not? *finally decides to grace me with an actual glance instead of just doggedly staring at the computer screen*
Me: No. I mean, I feel worn out, but I'm not sleepy.
Hubby: Huh. *scrutinizes more* Well, you've got HUGE dark circles under your eyes anyhow. *proceeds to point them out*
Me: *bats his hands away* I really don't know why you aren't fighting women off with a stick.


He is right, though. They are HUGE. And dark.*sigh* And now I can't seem to stop focusing on them. *sighs some more*

Viva Las Vegas [ profile] shoemaster! Try not to get up to too much trouble, mmkay? *hugs*
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2007-03-19 08:16 pm


There is a somber feel around the house tonight. After a month or more of eluding us, we finally got the mouse. It avoided the snap traps. We avoided chemicals (because of the Fuzz) and glue pads (just too cruel, as they're still alive). So out came Old Faithful, an old fashioned wooden trap that had a very high success rate of catching mice and fingers. But after a few weeks Old Faithful didn't appear to be quite so faithful in the mice department (fingers, it got plenty of). All hope seemed lost. And then it was discovered a certain husband wasn't setting Old Faithful correctly. So a certain wife decided to set good ol' Faithful and lo and behold after less than 24 hours of doing so, we had our mouse.

RIP, mousie. I hope you enjoyed all the free peanut butter while it lasted.
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2007-03-19 07:30 am

Don't ask me whyyyyyyyyyyyy, the girl shaped love drug messes with your mind

Dammit. *laughs* I had a thoughtful post running through my head and then I turn this song on and it all flies out of my head and I end up bopping around in my computer chair.

*attempts to focus* Oh, right. Enjoyed my week "dating" my husband. So much so it almost felt like a vacation for me, even though I had to work. Alas, it is now back to the normal drudgery for us both, complete with nasty sinus headaches.

*re-reads* Yeah, that about sums it up. It was a bit schmoompier in my head, but you can blame/thank the song for changing that.

*gets back to bopping around*
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2007-03-16 07:28 am

If someone said 3 years from now you'd be long gone, I'd stand up and punch them out

Wow, this song is really, really resonating with me.

*gives up and lets self cry*
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2007-03-15 07:28 am


Urg, day 2.5 of constant, low level nausea. I love you too, draining sinuses.

New Grey's tonight. Not entirely sure I really care. The constant spinoff talk and hi-jacking of 2 hours/2 full eps of the show in order to set up Addison just doesn't sit well with me. They've got a hard road ahead of them in order to win me back completely after breaking my trust like that. Harsh, I know, but I can't help it, I'm just built that way.

There is snow on the ground again. *makes face* I'd like Tuesday back, please. *sigh*
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2007-03-13 08:20 pm

G.L.A.M.O.R.O.U.S. Flyin' first class, up in the sky, poppin' champagne, livin' my life

Happiness is...

...a poofy spring green skirt.

...lunch hours that stretch out and feel like forever.

...slacking off at work just because you feel like it.

...yakking on the phone with a dear friend about anything and everything, and just knowing that you can, at any time, for any reason.

...being out in the fresh air on a sunny 74 degree day, riding bikes with the hubby and coasting down a hill by the river playing if you could have any of these houses, which one would it be. brand new Sketcher's velcro slip ons.

...dancing around the house to your brand new cruising song *points above and below* to your husband's laughter.

...managing to ignore everything else that's been bothering you.